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istock_000004702068xsmall_300I have been a licensed therapist since 1994 and have treated persons with addictions since 1985. With addictions there is nearly always a co-occurring mental health issue. For nearly every life problem or pain, every dissatisfaction or perceived failure or frustration, every major life transition or crisis – there is a solution, a more effective way of coping and moving forward.

Educating and counseling have been a part of my life for many years. I moved from teaching and counseling adolescents to including more adults (includes geriatric clients). Today my practice is comprised of 10 to 15% adolescents and 85 to 90% adults. Currently, the elderly comprise only 1 to 2% of my practice.

Having begun my clinical work in the addictions field, I quickly learned that most of my substance-abuse clients had significant mental health issues. In fact, substances are often used to self-medicate unrecognized and undiagnosed mental health problems, whether we are talking about adults, teens or the elderly.

For a period of time, prior to this career, I worked in large and small corporations. This gave me a broad understanding of workplace issues. That is what drew me to working with Employee Assistance Programs.

After working in a variety of mental health and substance abuse treatment settings-both inpatient and outpatient, I now provide therapy and guidance only on an outpatient basis. When my clients need group services, I strongly and actively support that work.

  • Licensed Professional Counselor, Colorado, #1107
  • Certified Addictions Counselor, Colorado, #2594
  • Master of Arts, Agency Counseling, University of Northern Colorado
  • Bachelor of Science, Secondary Education, University of Kansas