How I Work

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First and foremost, you can expect everything you discuss with me to be held in confidence. That is the basic framework of psychotherapy. The legal exceptions are: 1) if I should become aware of child or elder abuse of any kind, 2) contemplation or planning of a crime, 3) the client's life is in danger, 4) the client has threatened another's life, 5) the client is unable to function independently. I will be happy to clarify these issues or answer any questions you may have on this important topic.

I view our work together as a collaboration with a focus of helping you reach your therapy goal/s. That always drives our work. Current day concerns are often rooted in past situations. Working from a developmental and psychodynamic perspective, we work to change the meaning of the past in the present day. You are guided through the process of effecting the changes you desire in current beliefs or behaviors or skills.

My professional position is that communication and collaboration among your professional team is important. This includes your primary doctor and/or psychiatrist, and perhaps others, as well. If you are taking psychotropic medications, this communication is required. There are also times that an adjunct therapy would benefit a client, such as in the case of substance abuse, an eating disorder or anger management. If so, this also requires a collaborative effort.

istock_000005395408xsmall_200In helping you to change the meaning of the past in the present day, I employ a variety of cognitive, behavioral and psychodynamic techniques to guide you through the process of effecting changes in your current beliefs, behaviors and emotional pain.

You and I will work together to help you achieve your goals, whether solving a single problem or addressing long-term issues.

Honesty in therapy is essential. Either of us may identify if we are not a good fit, or if your needs require skills or knowledge beyond my training or experience. If this is the case, we must be able to talk about it. I am happy to assist you in finding a different therapist or you may choose to conduct that search on your own. Of course, I want you to feel comfortable seeking a second opinion, as well.