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Biopsychosocial and Chemical Dependency Assessments
Coaching – life issues, workplace issues, AD/HD skills
Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Dynamic Therapies
Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing
Marital/Couples Therapy
Parenting Skills
Personal Growth
Solution-Focused Therapy


Areas of Expertise


Ranges from "bullying" tactics (emotional harm) to physical harm:

- Physical, Verbal, Emotional, Sexual, Domestic Violence (victims only).



Behaviors that persist despite causing problems in one’s life, damaging families and relationships:

- Substances: Alcohol, Illicit drugs, Prescription Medications.

- Behavioral: Gambling, Sex, Spending, Internet, Video games.



Inability to control worry, thinking or physical responses to reasonable or unreasonable fears or stress; general feeling of impending doom:

- General (without specific triggers), or specific causes (with triggers)

- Panic, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Fears, Social Phobia, Obsessive-Compulsive disorder.



Interviewing to determine if a mental health or substance abuse problem exists:

- Alcohol/drug

- Eating disorders

- Weight-loss surgery

- Work-related.


Codependency Issues

One focuses on others (often in an effort to control), to the detriment of oneself:

- Low self-esteem

- Denial issues

- Efforts to control others

- Poor boundaries, Poor self-care

- Anger outbursts, Self-defeating beliefs and behaviors

- Not getting one's needs met.


Communication Skills

Difficulty being understood or understanding others:

- Cause problems in relationships - personal, work, friends

- Often results in anger, frustration, resentment, lost relationships.



See Mood Disorders.

Eating Disorders

Eating too much or too little, aimed at feeling a sense of personal control or protection; managing either situation by personally damaging behaviors:

- Anorexia (restricting food intake, over-exercising, use of diuretics or laxatives) 

- Bulimia (vomiting after eating), Non-purging (without vomiting) bulimia, Stress-eating

- Eating to self-medicate

- Binge-eating/purging.



See Life Change/Transition.

Impulse Control Problems

Inability to control emotions, focus or behaviors:

- AD/HD or ADD (children or adults)

- Skills development and management

- Anger - Skills development and management

- Obsessive/Compulsive traits, behaviors.


Interpersonal Issues

Problems getting along with others, not understanding others’ behaviors or responses; difficulty achieving one's goals, being effective in life or relationships:

- Workplace conflict or issues

- Marital or personal relationships

- Divorce/Co-parenting (in separation or divorce)

- Discipline problems, Parenting problems

- Fear of risk or growth

- Family conflict.


Life Change/Transition

Difficulty coping with normal life changes OR adjusting to sudden, unexpected, extraordinary and negative events or changes:

- Grief/Loss

- Job loss, change

- Divorce, moving

- Illness

- Aging - issues of the elderly, Aging parent issues

- Career change, Mid-life issues, Empty-nest syndrome

- Caring for the caregiver.


Mood Disorders

Lack of control over one’s moods, extreme moods, being unable to explain one’s moods:

- Depression, Post-partum depression

- General unexplained sadness

- Bipolar Disorder (formerly called Manic Depression)

- Seasonal mood changes

- Sudden and excessive irritability, anger.


Sexual Problems, Preferences

Includes gay/lesbian issues and relationship issues:

- Intimacy issues, physical and emotional

- Decreased or no interest in sex with another, Awkwardness, Discomfort

- Sexual shyness

- Promiscuity.


Sleep Problems

Often related to symptoms of mood disorders or anxiety:

- Insomnia, Hypersomnia (sleeping too much),

- Inability to get to sleep, Wake too early, Continual waking during the night

- Nightmares

- Wake feeling exhausted.


Spiritual Concerns

Knowing oneself, how one fits into the world and relates to others:

- Identity issues

- Values clarification

- Increasing self-knowledge

- Being true to oneself, Finding one's path.


Stress Management

How one handles varied stressors:

- Identify ineffective skills

- Develop new and effective coping skills

- Learn new skills for specific triggers

- Develop problem-solving skills

- Learn how to relax.


Thinking Disorders

Believing your mind doesn't work like others' minds:

- Delusions, Hallucinations

- Unproductive thinking

- Thought distortions

- Odd beliefs.


Trauma Recovery

Trauma in childhood or as an adult; affects one's life indefinitely if not resolved:

- Violence, Major physical traumas

- Emotional trauma

- Sexual abuse

- Having one's life threatened, Seeing or hearing another's life threatened

- Rational or irrational fear of dying.


Work Problems

Causing errors, poor attendance, missed deadlines, conflict:

- Conflict with manager/s

- Conflict with peer/s

- Inappropriate behavior

- Poor communication skills

- Poor time management and/or organizational skills

- Lack of skills/training for the specific job

- Inadequate job description.