What to Expect

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First, there is a lot of initial paperwork to complete and some of the questions are tough ones.  Once we meet, though, you will see that you need not fear the process.

My therapeutic style is casual, relaxed and interactive, utilizing empathy and attuned listening. Homework is often assigned, which allows you to make more progress between sessions.

Your first session will allow us to become acquainted and will help us both determine if we believe our working relationship will benefit you. I strive to provide a safe, accepting environment in which you can feel heard and understood, not judged or criticized. This allows you to learn more about yourself and work on achieving your therapeutic goals.

We will discuss my policies and the expectations we each have. We will review your history and you will bring me current with the reason you are in my office.  We will also review your specific goals for therapy.  Contrary to Freud's psychoanalysis (which sometimes continued for decades), current psychotherapy is a tool which can be utilized, as needed, throughout one’s lifespan. So, you can expect to complete work on your current issue then perhaps not need further therapy, or you may return at any time when you have another matter to address.  Some issues do require longer-term therapy.

Ongoing therapy sessions normally occur on a regular schedule, the frequency determined by your issues and progress. Typically, I prefer to see new clients weekly for the first few sessions, extending the time between sessions later, as appropriate. Periodically, we will review your goals and progress. This serves to assure that we have not become distracted from your key issues and that your therapy is effective.  It is also helpful in making certain that we are utilizing your insurance benefit efficiently and effectively. Some insurance plans provide a limited number of therapy sessions and/or a high copay. In order to accommodate such restrictions and assure you receive the care you deserve, we may need to adjust how we schedule your appointments.

As you near the end of your therapy, sessions may be scheduled increasingly infrequently or we may continue the most recent schedule and set a specific date as your last session. My preference is to review your goals and progress in your last session, and formally conclude our work.  My clients are always welcome to return if they need a "therapy tune up".